Rio de Janeiro: Rodrigo de Freitas Lake

rodrigo de freitas lake
Rio de Janeiro is a synonym of joy and happiness. In some areas in the city, this feeling is even more clear. This is what happens in the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake and its surroundings.

While walking along the lake, you can sit on the grass, contemplate nature and also see the Christ Statue on high, arms wide open over the city.

Even in a weekday afternoon, there will be lots of locals exercising, riding a bike and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Even more impressive than the beautiful Rodrigo de Freitas lake is its location. This area belongs to a few people. From the lake leading to the sea, there are a few blocks filled with nice restaurants and bars. There are beautiful trees in the quiet strees. And, then, there is the beach of Ipanema, with its soft white sand, blue ocean and the view of Dois Irmãos Mountain.

rodrigo de freitas lake ipanema

Rio de Janeiro is truly beautiful. I wonder how it would be if Rio were in a developed country. It would be the most beautiful city in the world, indeed.


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