Natal, in northeast Brazil: beautiful beaches, sunny weather and (sure) nice people

Natal brazil

Punaú beach, one of perfect places in Natal

Brazil is known by its beautiful beaches, the warm weather and the nice people. Natal, in northeast Brazil, is one of the perfect places that join all of these ingredients. Natal Brazil, remember it.

Natal is a sunny city, all year long. And the sunny weather is just perfect to visit the city and its astonishing sightseeings.

Natal is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte state. Besides its beautiful beaches, with blue-colored water, Natal is known by its dunes. From them, you can contemplate breathtaking views. You can visit them riding a 4-track-jeep.

4x4 Jepp: the funnyest way to know the dunes

4×4 Jepp: the funnyest way to know the dunes

During your jeep ride, you can also try some activities that you cannot find in other destiny. We are talking about skibunda and aerobunda. In the first one, you go down a dune using a piece of wood. It´s quite fun. The other option is aerobunda, where you go down to a lake by a tyrolean. You end up in the refreshing water and come back up by a traction car. It´s also quite enjoying.

After these activities, you may want to relax drinking a beer and eating a pastel de camarão (shrimp pie) in some bars at the beaches.

There are many jeep tours. One of them lead to the biggest cashew tree in the world. You can also, though, do the trip by yourself, with a rented car.

Visiting this tree is interesting because of the unusual tree and also because of the ocean view from the top of this cashew tree.

If you have enough time and a rented car, you can go a little further and reach the famous beach of Pipa, 80 quilometers from Natal.

See below some of the tourist atractions in Natal and nearby:

– The Magi Fort;

– Diving at Maracajaú Parrachos;

– Genipabu Dunes;

– Pitangui Lake .

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